Sofia Stasevska

Year of birth: 2001

Home town: Tampere

Home institution and teacher: Tampere Conservatory, Risto Kyrö

Began studying at the Youth Piano Academy Finland in 2013

1.  At what age did you start playing the piano?

As soon as I could walk I started to play. I started to study at the Conservatory when I was seven years old.

2.  What made you choose piano as your instrument? Does someone else in your family play an instrument?

All of my siblings play instruments (piano, cello and violin). Piano was always available and I feel that it’s my own instrument.

3.  What does playing piano mean to you?

Playing the piano is an important part of my life; it´s like a lifestyle. I can’t imagine ever giving it up, because I have always played.

4.  What is the most important piece of music for you?

It´s impossible to name just one piece. My favourite pieces vary from time to time.

5.  Your three most important performances:

The concerts in Honkahovi during the Mänttä Music Festival.

6.  What does the Youth Piano Academy mean to you? How does it feel to be part of the Youth Piano Academy?

I have gotten to know several good pianists who have taught us. It has also been nice to make new pianist friends. And of course it has been nice to get free days from school because of the Youth Piano Academy periods.

7.  How has the Youth Piano Academy changed your way of playing?

I have started to prepare my pieces better and I have gained more experience in performing.

8.  Tell about your most memorable master class at the Youth Piano Academy.

It´s impossible to choose the most unforgettable piano lesson but I remember the master class of Angela Hewitt in Mänttä last summer. I was very nervous beforehand and very pleased after that the lesson went well.

9.  What is your best memory about the Youth Piano Academy?

I’ve had a great time doing all kinds of funny things with my YPA-friends.

10.  What is your biggest music-related dream?

To become a pianist.

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